When you work with us, we make sure you are furnished with a clear  view of the industry, the surrounding ecosystem as well as the currents and under-currents before we embark on a journey together.


Although there are high expectations and costs tend to be of low importance, we believe in long term sustainability during pre-ICO and post-ICO stage.  We will assist our clients in formulating high cost effective strategies.


The industry operates in an unregulated area and there is no guarantees a project can comply with future regulations.  Awareness of risk when it comes to planning and execution is vital for long term success.


Full scope of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain support services ensures a stream-lined experience


Free consultancy during the conceptual stage helps businesses save time and money


A team of consultants highly skilled and experienced in their own areas is available


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Government Facilitation Services

As one of the partner of ACCESS Iskandar Project Consortium, which is a partnership between ACCESS Singapore/ACCESS Malaysia/BlockZero, our objective is to work with Khazanah i2m, a subsidiary of Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund to promote their Global Business Solutions (GBS) program particularly for the Blockchain Industry.

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together”

We will help projects and companies by facilitating their initial communication with government and private sector in Iskandar in order to achieve their objective of establishing an ideal cost-effective operational hub close to their corporate structure in Singapore.

Business Support Services

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain projects requires that business support services such as Marketing, PR, Events, Media, Development, Training, HR and so on grow in tandem in order for them to execute their project to their desired timeline and adhere to budgets in order to stay competitive.

“The ICO Industry faces a scalability issue when essential services fails to keep up with demand”

We intend to be the one stop service for Pre-ICO and Post-ICO projects by integrating all the required services and offering this as a complete package.

Marketing Consultancy

Your business’s value proposition is arguably the most important element of your overall marketing messaging.   This needs to be clear from the outset in order for a project to have a lasting success.

“Leverage on the strength that you have: that no one else can be you”

We help our clients discover their unique value proposition in the ever more crowded Crypto-currency and Blockchain space and find the best way to get that message across to their target customers.

“Community is the most important component of any decentralised projects.”

The special nature of decentralised projects means traditional investor relations has also evolved into investor community management through multi-channel social media across world spanning diverse cultures, languages and geographies.

Education Services

We are primarily engaged in awareness programs in collaboration with ACCESS Singapore and ACCESS Blockchain Association of Malaysia through public talks, classes and workshops.

“The key to long term sustainable growth of the industry is through raising awareness and education”

We help projects develop educational materials for their projects and we also provide Basic Blockchain, Smart Contract and Hyperledger educational courses in collaboration with International Blockchain Education Hubs.